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Geospatial AI for mill optimisation

Procure the right timber, streamline logistics, optimise capex and boost profitability. Use it to forecast available supply and reduce excess inventory.

Mill Optimisation

Predict supply & reduce excess

Our mill optimisation product enables you to determine the right species mix and log size, assess your optimum supply area and drive down haulage costs. It uses satellite and multiple data feeds combined with advanced AI to remotely provide an advance view of harvesting expectations for species, dimensions and quality. These constantly refreshed insights enable you to optimise production schedules, minimise the need for excess inventory and calculate the most cost-effective transportation routes.

Plan, schedule and optimise mill operations

Improve procurement & sourcing

Determine and optimise commercial value by accurately identifying tree species and calculating log dimensions by location.

Reduce haulage costs

Use satellite data combined with existing information on forest roads to calculate the most cost-effective routes.

Optimise mill production

Know in advance what to expect from harvesting operations and prioritise your production schedule.

How we help

A real competitive advantage

Determining the location and profit potential of a mill’s varied supply is crucial to optimising production schedules, transportation, and profitability. Geospatial AI can provide a crucial advantage.

Optimising Mill Operations

Geospatial AI empowers mill operators to streamline mill logistics, improve profitability and competitiveness, and make informed decisions on timber procurement and Capex investments. Our mill optimisation service combines satellite and other data inputs with the most advanced AI available. It provides accurate, actionable intelligence, enabling you to optimise your mill operations.

In the commercial forestry markets, mills need to operate intelligently to drive production efficiency and compete harder. Processing the right mix of species and log sizes is a crucial part of this. Our Mill Optimisation product uses geospatial AI to provide an advance view of harvesting expectations for species, dimensions and quality. This enables you to optimise your production schedule and minimise the need for excess inventory.

In addition, this product provides the data to delineate each mill’s supply area and calculate the quickest and most cost-effective transportation routes. Use this product to define an upper limit on haulage time and add other preferences.

Our industry-leading inventory product enables you to accurately identify tree species, calculate dimensions, and derive potential commercial values. These insights provide a crucial advantage when identifying and prioritising timber sources, allocating resources and negotiating with suppliers.

All data can be integrated into existing GIS systems, or delivered through our Forest SAT solution on the Rezatec platform.

Mapping Mill Optimisation Resources

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