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Manage the increasing threat of forest fire

Mill operators can manage their inventory more efficiently and save costs by harnessing geospatial analytics to optimise production activities. In this guide, we reveal how geospatial analytics can be used to:

Optimise mill profitability

Constantly refreshed inventory view enables you to target the right timber in the right volume and dimensions.

Reduce haulage costs

Target lumber location and optimal transportation routes to drive down transportation costs.

Improve procurement & acquisition

Detailed view on inventory by location enables you to optimise sourcing and acquisition.

Mill Optimisation

Predict supply & reduce excess

Our mill optimisation product enables you to determine the right species mix and log size, assess your optimum supply area and drive down haulage costs. It uses satellite and multiple data feeds combined with advanced AI to remotely provide an advance view of harvesting expectations for species, dimensions and quality. These constantly refreshed insights enable you to optimise production schedules, minimise the need for excess inventory and calculate the most cost-effective transportation routes.

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Take a look at geospatial AI in action. Explore how satellite data can provide a view of your entire asset base across vast areas. Discover how analytics drill down to a level of detail you never knew existed.