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Geospatial AI for forest health

Rapidly identify forest stands impacted by pest and disease. Dynamically and cost-effectively manage your response. Optimise monetizable timber value.

Forest Health

Respond rapidly to drive value

Our forest health product alerts you to pest and disease outbreaks in vast forested areas without the need for costly and time-intensive aerial and ground surveys. It uses satellite and multiple data feeds combined with advanced AI to remotely monitor the health of entire forests across vast geographic areas. It identifies the existence and extent of issues and it models risk. This enables you to dynamically mitigate cost impacts and optimise lumber value.

Dynamically manage pest and disease response to maximise monetizable timber value

Accelerate your response

Remotely assess pest and disease outbreaks. Quickly determine the exact location. Accelerate your response plan to reduce infestation impact.

Optimise response costs

Deploy ground teams directly to the most affected areas, armed with detailed data to optimise resources.

Maximise lumber value

Recover the most valuable timer before it degrades further, without the need for costly and time-consuming aerial surveys.

How we help

Rapidly extract inventory

Forest SAT has helped Defra’s Plant Health team to accurately identify specific tree species, including Ash, Oak and Sweet Chestnut, and informed their response to disease and pest outbreaks.

Accelerating salvage time

Severe pest and disease outbreaks are a serious threat to managed forests. Negative effects on tree health, such as tree mortality or growth suppression, result in considerable loss of timber yield. This leads to reduced income and wood supply for the forest sector. In addition, until now, pest and disease control has been largely reactive.

Once recognised, large sums are spent on manually identifying affected trees using costly ground or aerial surveys to prevent or reduce the spread to other forest assets.

Our forest health product remotely monitors the health of entire forests across vast geographic areas, reducing the need for costly, infrequent, and time intensive aerial surveys. It identifies the existence and extent of pest and disease, often before your operations team is aware of any issue – especially in remote and inaccessible locations. In addition, our geospatial AI models risk, enabling forestry leaders to dynamically mitigate the associated cost impact and monetise lumber inventory.

All data can be integrated into existing GIS systems, or delivered through our Forest SAT solution on the Rezatec platform.

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