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Forestry in 2022: Using Geospatial AI to plan inventory and monitoring for a year of success

Watch our webinar to discover how Geospatial AI combines satellite data and advanced algorithms to provide valuable new insights at scale and set you up for success in 2022.


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Webinar happened on Wednesday, 15th December 2021 at 4:00 PM (GMT)


Soaring prices, circuit breakers that halt market trading, and TikTok stars commenting on the cost of lumber in Home Depot. It’s safe to say 2021 has been a bumper year for our industry. But what does 2022 have in store for forestry?

For all the opportunity, there’s still some uncertainty. Extreme weather, pest outbreaks and government legislation can all have an impact on your business. But with Geospatial AI you could make informed decisions, monitor your forest’s health with greater precision and uncover new insights that help you maximize value.

In this brand-new, 45-minute webinar, Rezatec’s Tim Vallings and Aleksandra Karnicka explain how the technology could help you:

  • Collect comprehensive new insights on forest inventory, remotely and at scale
  • Dial up the accuracy of data, filling the gaps in your existing knowledge
  • Support data collection with satellite imagery and advanced analytics
  • Make strategic decisions on a dime using regularly refreshed intelligence
  • Maximize timber value and plan for a successful 2022

You will also see how the Rezatec platform works, combining satellite data with advanced AI, as well as a case study on one of the world’s largest lumber companies.

Tim Vallings

Job Title: Chief Commercial Officer

Company: Rezatec

Aleksandra Karnicka

Job Title: Product Owner

Company: Rezatec

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