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WaterOne: How to make geospatial AI work for you

Hear from Jason Beyer, GIS Lead at USA utility, WaterOne, who will answer the killer question: can I trust geospatial AI and how do I make it work for my organization? 


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Webinar happened on Thursday, 29th February 2024 at 4:00 PM (GMT)


Faced with a near $50 million upgrade bill over the next ten years spanning 2,800 miles of buried distribution network across 17 cities, Jason reveals WaterOne’s experience in adding next-level precision and reliability to their water main replacement prioritization.  

Together, Jason and Rezatec in-house water utility specialist Aleks Karnicka will take a 30 minute deep dive into the real-life challenges facing water utility leaders to efficiently target and prioritize water loss, pipeline degradation and capital upgrade planning.  

They will walk through how they’ve proven geospatial AI tools work in the field and how to confidently start operationalizing the insights. You’ll come away from this session with some key take-aways: 

  • The proactive v reactive epiphany: Realize that long-term cost savings, efficiencies and improved capital planning results from getting ahead of pipeline failure, not reacting to it  
  • Supercharge your own data: Historical break and pipe data is important, but it needs to be turbo charged 
  • Accuracy drives confidence: How to trust geospatial AI to drive precision insights on which you can confidently base prioritization and planning initiatives 
  • Good vendor choice: Hints and tips on what to look for when selecting a geospatial AI provider 

This webinar offers invaluable insights for water utilities into the advanced capabilities of precision geospatial AI, providing a deeper understanding of its potential impact. 



Jason Beyer

Job Title: GIS Lead

Company: WaterOne

Aleksandra Karnicka

Job Title: Product Owner

Company: Rezatec

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