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Geospatial AI for pipeline risk monitoring

Focus investment on the top 20% of risks for greatest impact. Use Pipeline Risk to identify highest risk pipeline sections and focus upgrade resources on what matters.

Pipeline Risk

Zero-in on what matters

Pipeline Risk enables water leaders to remotely determine the highest risk of pipeline failure across the entire network – and upgrade it – ahead of time. It establishes the likelihood, consequence and cost of failure using satellite and multiple data feeds fused with the most advanced AI on the market. And it’s 10% more accurate than other risk models. Use these constantly refreshed insights to prioritize, plan and optimize investment, drive productivity gains and maximize water value.

The most advanced AI model on the market


Focus on 20% of risks
Tackle highest risk failure areas
Proactively renew network
Drive large-scale efficiencies


Identify potential failure
Track evolving issues
Prioritise engineer deployment
Fix leaks faster


Optimise CapEx & OpEx
Cut non-targeted upgrade costs
Reduce leakage & non-revenue water
Assess cost & risk of aging infrastructure

How we help

Leading global water provider

Managing networks worldwide, this business uses our geospatial AI to determine 5x the number of pipeline failures, cut maintenance and capital upgrade costs, and decrease non-revenue water.

Proactively manage network operations

Build a full risk profile

Views entire network & deterioration points
Assesses risk of failure
Tracks changing probability of failure

Mitigate Risk & Reduce Cost

Scrutinizes proximity to other assets
Analyzes consequence of failure
Quantifies likelihood of failure
Determines most critical areas

Focus on top 20% of risks

Identify up to 64% of leaks*
Prioritise engineer deployment
Optimise ground resources
Proactively repair and upgrade

*based on customer deployment

What our customers say

We help water utilities around the world to proactively manage network repair, maintenance and upgrade.

Water One
Jason Beyer

GIS Lead, Distribution Engineering, Water One

“I was proud to lead this project and bring AI/ML solutions to WaterOne in an effort to advance our asset management and infrastructure planning programs. Rezatec was the ideal vendor for this pilot program and I’m pleased to say it was a resounding success!”

Beth Baxter

Project Manager, TRC

The partnership between Rezatec’s technology and TRC’s expertise allows for us to assess pipeline infrastructure across multiple water utilities in a cost-effective way.

Rick Wahlen

Utility Operations Manager,

“Rezatec’s technology provides a comprehensive view of our entire system and helps us to understand where our network is likely to fail. It’s the most logical, best first place to start. Then, following Rezatec’s assessment, we could use some of the more pinpointed definitive pipe condition detection technologies based within the areas showing a high likelihood of failure.”

ISOIL Industria
Luca Scansetti

Water Utility Service Manager, ISOIL Industria

Even before the Covid-19 outbreak occurred, it was essential to improve the productivity of the workforce and make the most of resources. Rezatec’s solution will help utilities better understand their buried assets, prioritise investment intelligently and improve results pushing the limits of the active DMA control towards the performance fixed by the authority.

Domestic water utility leader, North America

We’re now focusing on 20% of the network where 64% of water leaks occur. We also have a line of sight on specific areas of subsidence where historic leaks occurred – this enables us to prioritise future inspection, detection and maintenance activities.

Global water network leader, France

We are finding 5x the number of leaks and Rezatec’s analytics are 10% more accurate than other risk models.

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