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What people Say About Us

We’re excited to work at the leading edge of innovation and we’re passionate about empowering you to dynamically manage your ground assets and critical infrastructure in new ways. But don’t take our word for it…

Simon Taylor

Executive Manager Infrastructure Planning & Capital Delivery, Unitywater

Unitywater is a progressive organisation and we’re always looking for new and innovative methods to improve operations, keep costs as low as possible and provide an excellent service to our customers. Rezatec’s water solutions fit very well with our values and our vision.

New Forests
Peter Tittman

Investment Analytics Manager, New Forests

New Forests requires accurate and precise forest inventory to quantify climate benefits from managing forests sustainably. Rezatec’s platform provides improved efficiency in field data collection, resulting in timely, accurate and spatially resolved results that meet our due diligence and business development needs.

Michelle Young


We are really pleased with the results and the capabilities that satellite data and Rezatec have demonstrated, especially around scalability and frequency of updates.

ISOIL Industria
Luca Scansetti

Services Line Manager, ISOIL Industria

Isoil is delighted to be partnered with Rezatec. They give us an additional competitive advantage by being able to offer geospatial solutions to water companies, such as to look at the likelihood and criticality of failure, alongside our own products. We are working alongside world leading utilities delivering Rezatec’s solutions, enabling water companies to be more proactive. We look forward to continuing working with Rezatec to provide our clients with leading technology solutions to optimize asset management.

Leading utility, North America

There are a number of strengths: the platform itself and its ease of use, the algorithm they have, their people, the ability to deliver what’s required and price… They’ve taken us from zero to hero for getting stuff done and being cost effective.

Utilities Kingston
Jim Keech

CEO, Utilities Kingston

Utilities Kingston is dedicated to responsibly managing community infrastructure. We’re excited to use leading-edge tools to reduce system water loss… and to improve the water-efficiency of the system we operate.

Global water network leader, France

We are finding 5x the number of leaks and Rezatec’s analytics are 10% more accurate than other risk models.

BC Ogris
Dr Steve Wilson

BC Ogris

The model accuracy in the mid-height range is very encouraging as a tool for managing British Columbia’s natural resource land base.

Dr Jim Dimmock

Resource Management Scientist, AHDB

It is evident from our collaboration with Rezatec that the application of satellite data for mapping crop extent is of great value and compared to more traditional methods, we were impressed by the ability to scale across large areas with high levels of accuracy.

Domestic water utility leader, North America

We’re now focusing on 20% of the network where 64% of water leaks occur. We also have a line of sight on specific areas of subsidence where historic leaks occurred – this enables us to prioritise future inspection, detection and maintenance activities.

Arcadis & Bluefield Research
Demistifying Intelligent Water

Arcadis & Bluefield Research

Using advanced technology for asset management provides better line of sight into what’s happening within a utility, shining light on opportunities to proactively address maintenance in cost-effective ways. See the report here.

Hunter Water
Daniel Turnball

Dams Safety Engineer, Hunter Water

We are very excited about the capability to improve how we monitor our assets.

The analytics are accurate, highlighting historical works that have taken place … and trends of movement over time, which we have no other way of monitoring.

Detection Services
Chris Evans

General Manager, Detection Services

Rezatec combines their extensive experience within the industry with innovative solutions that reflect the needs of our diverse customer base. They have consistently provided a professional service that is seamless, on time and customer focused by combining technologies and solutions that are strategic, insightful and actionable. Their reliability and pragmatic approach has been instrumental to the successful delivery of several projects and continues to be a valuable asset to the Detection Services business.

Forsite Consultants
Cameron Brown

Forsite Consultants

Forsite is really excited about the innovative capabilities that satellite data can now provide to the forestry sector … we can enable our clients to be more productive, more efficient and more profitable.

Award Winning

Our technology might be cutting edge, but it’s proven – and businesses around the world are seeing the value that optimised, data-driven decision making can bring. Oh, and we’ve won a couple of awards too…

Climate-KIC Award

Rezatec wins Climate-KIC Award at ecoConnect Cleantech Innovate 2013.

Most Innovative Technology Award

Rezatec wins this award for the second year at Utility Week Live 2018.