Decision Support Tools

Image: Copernicus Sentinel data (2015)/ESA

Tailored Industry Solutions

Rezatec provides geospatial data analytics as strategic decision support tools for optimizing the management of land-based assets across major global industries, including Infrastructure, Forestry, Agriculture, Water and Financial Services. Select the tailored industry solutions below to find out more.


Farmers, agronomists and the FMCG sector can benefit from a range of agricultural monitoring techniques, combining satellite data with weather information and then applying agro-meteorological and biophysical modelling to help accurately forecast and optimise crop yields. Our pre-packaged data products include:

  • Crop measurement, monitoring and forecasting for yield improvement, cost reduction and resource planning
  • Responsible sourcing assurance and regulatory compliance checking
  • Historic land use analysis
  • Environmental and carbon impact assessment
Crop Yield Analysis from Satellites

Financial Services

For a regional, national or global view on the commodities markets, the analysis of complex satellite data can bring actionable insights on related production levels, extraction activity, transportation and logistics and much more. For a customised data product to suit your requirements, please contact us. Our pre-packaged data products include mapping of agricultural land-use related to biofuels, commodity crops and metals.

Commodity crops geospatial data analysis


Managing the world’s forests requires access to accurate forest inventory, health and classification information to make truly informed decisions. Through the analysis of Earth Observation data, we provide the accurate insight relating to key agroforestry issues such as the need to understand forest density, canopy cover, biosecurity threats and standing volumes. Custom requirements can be met or alternatively our pre-packaged data products include:

  • Tree species distribution
  • Forest metrics (tree count, height and volume)
  • Windblow damage
  • Tree health
Forestry Geoanalytics


Whether your monitoring complex urban infrastructure or large geographical coverage of mixed anthropogenic presence, landscape changes can be mapped historically, detected in near real-time and predicted through algorithmic modelling. If you are managing land-based assets, satellite-derived intelligence can assist in every operational, management and sustainability decision. Pre-packaged data products include:

  • Subsidence detection and event prediction
  • Pipeline failure risk mapping
  • Urban creep – historic and predictive mapping
  • Urban tree canopy cover
  • Environmental/vegetation/landscape impact over time
Urban Infrastructure Satellite Data