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Improving downstream hazard risk management with Geospatial AI

With downstream housing and commercial development increasing the demands on inspections and resources constrained, read why regulators are turning to new digital tools to help them reduce risks and keep people safe.


Optimizing inspection deployment at scale

Empower yourself as a dam regulator by gaining deeper insights into the dams in your state and digitizing the way you monitor their potential downstream risks. With Rezatec’s innovative solutions, you can achieve this while simultaneously streamlining the manual burden on resources and enhancing dam safety.

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South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
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Optimizing dam safety resources at South Carolina

South Carolina’s regulated dams are classified based on potential loss of human life or property damage in the event of failure or improper operation of the dam. Currently, the evaluation process is manual and time intensive. Dam Monitoring can remotely, accurately, and more frequently identify dams with specific changes in structures within flood zones. This can enable South Carolina DHEC to prioritize specific dams, free up staff time to reinvest in important field work and validations, increase reliability and confidence in knowledge of risk, and focus on re-classification and Emergency Action Plans.

We help regulators and business leaders to manage their ground-based assets and critical infrastructure remotely, at scale. We enable you to prioritize the right investments, multiply your asset value, optimize resources and super-charge productivity while enhancing public safety.