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LS Power Adopts Geospatial AI Technology Powered by Rezatec to Monitor and Improve Safety Across Newly Acquired Dams


Press release | 27 April 2022

LS Power has signed a contract with Rezatec to use its Geospatial AI dam monitoring platform. The US-based energy company is looking to adopt innovative new technology to help managers and engineers understand their dams’ exposure to risk, including ageing infrastructure and extreme weather.

Using Rezatec’s dam monitoring product, LS Power will be able to accurately detect anomalies that could lead to failures. This is done by harnessing satellite data and Rezatec’s advanced AI algorithms, which assess changes in movement, ground motion and vegetation (a sign of seepage). This can all be done remotely and at scale, driving significant operational efficiencies. 

LS Power first approached Rezatec after its acquisition of four dams. With little knowledge of the dams’ condition from the previous owner, the energy company needed more data to direct resources to the right place. As well as delivering three years’ worth of retrospective data analyses, Rezatec’s technology will enable the customer to monitor metrics on an ongoing basis and assist with regulatory reporting. The latter includes FERC’s Dam Safety Surveillance Monitoring Report. 

Camilla Braithwaite, Product Manager at Rezatec, said: “We help our customers prevent failure and improve resilience against external elements by delivering new insights into the condition of their assets. For LS Power, which has limited knowledge of four new dams, this is going to be crucial to maintain safety and meet their regulatory requirements. From an operations perspective, their investment in our technology means they can now direct resources where it matters most, which leads to significantly improved efficiency”.  

About Rezatec 

Rezatec’s Geospatial AI platform empowers business leaders to dynamically manage their ground-based assets and mission critical infrastructure – at scale. This means they can prioritize investment in the right place at the right time, boost the value of their assets and accelerate more powerful decisions on resource deployment to super-charge productivity.

About LS Power  

Founded in 1990, LS Power is a development, investment and operating company focused on the power and energy infrastructure sector. Since its inception, the company has developed, constructed, managed and acquired more than 45,000 MW of competitive power generation and over 660 miles of transmission infrastructure, for which it has raised over $47 billion in debt and equity financing to invest in North American infrastructure. For decades, LS Power has been at the leading edge of the industry’s evolution, often introducing or commercializing new technologies and developing new markets.  

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