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Rezatec Co-Founder Mark Maslin Joins Global Task Force Tackling Climate Change at COP26


Rezatec Co-Founder Mark Maslin has joined prime ministers, business leaders, activists and senior royals at this year’s COP26 conference in Glasgow. The event is organised by the UN and aims to bring together influential people and political parties from around the world to tackle climate change.

Maslin, a respected speaker and author on environmental issues and climate change, will spend the full two weeks in Glasgow advising businesses, non-profits and media outlets on climate issues. He represents both Rezatec and UCL (University College London) where he is a professor of Earth System Science.

Since co-founding Rezatec, a Geospatial AI provider to the water, forestry and agriculture sectors, in 2012, Maslin has worked in an advisory capacity to large global organisations such as CNN, Trove and the British Council. He sits on the Corporate Social Responsibility boards of Sheep Inc and Net Zero Now, and is the author of How To Save Our Planet: The Facts. At COP26 in Glasgow this year, he will be a climate change advisor and guest on panels and podcasts hosted by BBC, Glengoyne Whiskey and Net Zero Now among other engagements. ”

Speaking about the importance of COP26, Maslin said: “The earth’s atmosphere does not care where carbon emissions occur or which country or political party caused it. All the atmosphere cares about is total greenhouse gases. Therefore, it is everybody’s responsibility to reduce emissions globally to net zero by 2050 – at the latest. The key to dealing with climate change is solidarity and team work. We need all the countries of the world to pull together because this is a global issue. That is why COP26 matters.

For more information on Mark’s time at COP26 or to find out how Rezatec helps organisations around the world manage or reduce carbon emissions, follow us on LinkedIn here.


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