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Case Study

Leading the way with Earth Observation services within the water industry

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The Problem

Although there are options of traditional ground-based methods, Earth Observation (EO) techniques offer new perspectives on the world that would otherwise be unachievable. The need for advanced decision support tools is growing as water utilities continue to provide safe wastewater treatment and clean drinking water whilst also tackling global challenges and complying with increasing regulatory requirements.

The Solution

Rezatec’s Asset Risk Monitoring service is an effective early warning and alerting tool that can be applied to sewer pipeline risk monitoring, pipeline leakage risk monitoring and monitoring of large assets such as dams and reservoirs. The Asset Risk Monitoring Services integrate historic and frequently updated satellite-based observations, derived from the interpretation of optical and radar data, into a sophisticated risk model considering the characteristics of the pipeline network including pipe material, depth, age and historic leak locations.

The Outcome

Head of Dealflow, Thomas Jacks, says “Few commercial organisations currently offer EO services to the water industry. Rezatec has gained traction with remarkable speed, working with a range of notable customers in applications including catchment management and water/sewage network risk monitoring, a testament to the quality of their services.”

He went on to say, ”With falling costs to put satellites into orbit and continual improvements in core technologies, EO can only become a more powerful tool for utilities and it is exciting to consider what Rezatec’s capabilities will be in 10 years’ time.”

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