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Case Study

Using satellite data to dynamically manage the integrity and safety of Grahamstown Dam

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The Problem

Grahamstown Dam presents many challenges, not least because the top of the dam is home to a major road with an 80kph speed limit. In addition, the shoulders of the dam are constructed of sand, which moves during normal operations. The stable portion of the dam is the solid clay core, which is directly underneath the road.

Reliant on photography and their engineers’ opinions on the changes that take place year-on-year, Hunter Water were looking for data-led solutions that provide accurate measurements and analyse trends over time.

The Solution

Having explored other methods, including aerial surveys, Hunter Water signed a three-year subscription for Rezatec’s Dam Monitoring product, leveraging geospatial analytics to track structural and environmental changes at Grahamstown Dam.

This was offered in collaboration with local partners Detection Services, who specialize in supporting multi-discipline technologies for the water and wastewater industries.

The Outcome

The introduction of Rezatec’s Dam Monitoring solution means that Hunter Water are no longer reliant solely on routine visual inspections to monitor the integrity of Grahamstown Dam. The team still conduct inspections, but these are now less frequent and more targeted.

With monthly updates and millimetric accuracy, Hunter Water now have complete confidence they are doing everything in their power to exceed regulatory requirements and safeguard the dam and the surrounding population.

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