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Case Study

Using geospatial data analytics to provide forested asset decision support

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The Problem

In the forestry sector, private woodland owners, management companies, investment managers, sawmill forestry owners and larger public and private estates require current information about woodlands to provide effective management, insurance services and valuations.

Forest surveys are typically conducted on a five-year cycle and can be costly due to the diverse and widely dispersed woodlands in the UK, which can sometimes be difficult to access. Tree health issues, windblow damage, species distribution and mensuration could potentially be missed or inaccurate due to the long update cycles.

The Solution

Working in conjunction with John Clegg and with the analysis of two forested assets in Scotland, Rezatec have demonstrated how the cost-effectiveness and accuracy of Earth Observation (EO) technologies to support woodland inventory and plant health assessments are pioneering an innovative new approach to forest management.

The Outcome

For the two forested assets in Scotland, Rezatec mapped out species distribution, stand mensuration, windblow damage and associated health issues. Rezatec’s dashboard-based platform enabled John Clegg to view these products and download the data in tabular format on a more frequent basis than the regularly scheduled surveys. Managers and owners can view the data in a geospatial context that they haven’t been able to previously do.

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