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How geospatial analysis solves forestry’s most pressing operational challenges

Foresters depend heavily on information about the yield and health of the land they manage, yet traditional surveying methods are time-intensive and costly. In this guide, we reveal how geospatial analytics can be used to:

Get high-resolution help from orbit

Geospatial analysis is fast emerging as a critical tool in forestry management. With the arrival of multiple high-resolution earth imagery datasets, analyzed through the lens of machine learning and high-performance computing, the view from space now provides unrivalled scope.

Have a more accurate early-warning system

The analysis of multispectral wavelengths, including infrared, can reveal subtle photosynthetic changes not visible to the eye, which can provide an early warning of tree loss.

Use a new tool to optimize resources

Geospatial analysis provides fast, affordable, and widespread information to help foresters plan and optimize other resources.

Forest Inventory

Zero in on the value

Geospatial AI allows you to remotely analyse inventory across your entire forest. To individual tree level. Without the need for aerial surveys. It provides detailed, continuous data on height, count, volume and species distribution as it changes over time. Use this frequently refreshed information to cost-effectively determine harvesting potential, forecast supply, assess stock values and optimise operational work. And gain advantage when competing for harvest rights. Read our guide to learn more.

See how we can help

Take a look at geospatial AI in action. Explore how satellite data can provide a view of your entire asset base across vast areas. Discover how analytics drill down to a level of detail you never knew existed.