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Dam Safety: 5 challenges Geospatial AI solves

Join us to explore how Geospatial AI can help you address the challenges that contribute to maintaining the structural integrity of your entire dam portfolio.

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Webinar happened on Wednesday, 9th December 2020 at 5:00 PM (GMT)

Top 5 failure modes:

The most frequent causes of dam failure, according to ICOLD and the ASDSO, can be categorised into five key modes:

  • Overtopping
  • Foundation Defects
  • Cracking
  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Piping

According to Mark Baker, Senior Advisor Dam & Levee Safety at HDR: “Recent dam incidents and failures (such as the 2017 Oroville Dam Spillway incident and the Spencer Dam failure) show that visual inspections of a dam are not adequate to assess the safety of a dam in and of themselves.”

With seven out of ten dams in the United States reaching over fifty years old by 2025 – approaching or exceeding their intended lifespan – how can we face the threat of imminent failure head-on and address it before it occurs? The answer lies in better monitoring and repair prioritization, which will allow for the necessary groundwork to be undertaken before it is too late.

This webinar will bring you up to speed on new, proven technologies that enable prioritisation of maintenance and upgrade works, cut non-targeted inspection and maintenance costs, diminish health & safety risks and enable you to reduce the risk of dam failure.

You’ll hear from Australian water utility, Hunter Water, who will share their challenges and discuss how they have transformed their dam safety and maintenance operations using Geospatial AI.

Take away key learnings on how new technologies are enabling dam owners to prioritise repair and get ahead of failure.

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Camilla Braithwaite

Job Title: Product Manager

Company: Rezatec

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