Digitalizing Dam Safety Using Geospatial AI

Digitalizing Dam Safety: Monitoring Dams in South Carolina using Geospatial AI

Join us to explore how US utility, SJWD Water District, uses Geospatial AI to improve asset management by leveraging remote, accurate and cost-effective insights across their dam portfolio.

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Wednesday, 23rd June 2021 at 3:00 PM (GMT)


Dams are one of the most high-risk assets in the world and tens of thousands of them are reaching the end of their lifespans.

But there is also growing concern worldwide about a lack of inspectors able to assess the risk from aging dams, leading to inspection backlogs and missed hazards. According to Yale an investigation after the failure of the Oroville Dam in the United States found that past inspections had failed to spot structural flaws.

Accurate observation is at the heart of effective risk assessment, and new technologies can significantly enhance monitoring of dam structures.

During this 1-hour session we will explore:

  •  How Geospatial AI technology works:
    • The methods behind accurate satellite data
    • A three-year retrospective analysis
    • Ground motion and vegetation monitoring
  • SJWD Water District’s story, from CEO, Billy Cothran:
    • The challenges
    • Adopting Geospatial AI
    • Early benefits, after only 6 months
  • How Geospatial AI can help you to:
    • Build a full risk profile
    • Track issues between surveys
    • Deploy resource to the right place

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“Of all the assets SJWD owns and maintains, our dams have the highest potential for large impacts to our customers and downstream neighbours if not properly operated and maintained. SJWD uses Rezatec’s Dam Monitoring technology because it provides us with a clearer picture of the changes that occur over time with our dams. Our goal is to use this technology to stay ahead of any changes that could impact the integrity of one of our dams,” Billy Cothran, Chief Executive Officer at SJWD.

Camilla Braithwaite

Job Title: Product Manager

Company: Rezatec

Billy Cothran

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: SJWD Water District

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