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The Business Challenge

Satellite-derived, geospatial data analytics offer effective new methods for mill operators to streamline mill logistics, improve profitability and competitiveness, and make more informed decisions on timber procurement and Capex investments. Rezatec’s Mill Optimisation tool utilises satellite imagery and data analytics to provide actionable intelligence in the following key areas of mill operations.

In the competitive commercial forestry markets, mills need to operate intelligently to keep pace. The key factor in mill production efficiency and competitiveness is ensuring mills process the right mix of species and log sizes. If mill operators know in advance what they can expect from their harvesting operations (species, dimensions and quality) they can optimise their production schedule and minimise the need for any excess inventory.

Optimise Mill Production

Know in advance what to expect from harvesting operations and optimise production schedule.

Reduce Haulage Costs

Use satellite data combined with existing information on forest roads to calculate the most cost-effective routes.

Improve Procurement and Sourcing

Accurately calculate tree species and volumes to derive commercial value for sourcing timber and locating operations.

Mill Intelligence

Harness insight from the latest geospatial data analytics to accurately plan and carry out supply area delineation and optimisation.

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Mill Intelligence

By harnessing the latest geospatial data analytics, mill operators have a way to accurately plan and carry out supply area delineation and optimisation.

Data can be leveraged to improve logistics and efficiency, and ultimately reduce costs.

Our Mill Optimisation Service

Given haulage accounts for up to 50% of the ‘cut and haul’ costs, reducing haulage costs is a priority. Satellite imagery combined with existing information on forest roads offers an overview to delineate each mill’s supply area and calculate the quickest and most cost-effective routes. Mill owners can define an upper limit on haulage time and add other preferences, such as what types of species they intend to process.

Our industry-leading tree species mapping and mensuration tools allow you to accurately calculate tree species and volumes, and derive potential commercial values. These insights provide a crucial advantage when identifying and prioritising from where to source timber, allocate resources and negotiate with suppliers.

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