Urban Infrastructure

Geospatial data analytics for powerful asset intelligence

Image: Copernicus Sentinel data (2015)/ESA

Rezatec helps businesses make critical decisions about the management and optimisation of their land-based assets through the sophisticated analysis of increasingly complex Earth Observation (EO) imagery and data. Using proprietary algorithms and modelling, we provide intelligence to help improve operational efficiency and whole-life impact whilst substantially reducing the cost of monitoring land-use change and environmental risk to assets.

With subscription-based access to our landscape intelligence portal, our customers benefit from regularly updated analytical insights that simply aren’t possible through traditional ground-based surveying and GIS asset reports.

Whether you’re monitoring complex urban infrastructure or large geographical coverage of mixed anthropogenic presence, landscape changes can be mapped historically, detected in near real-time and predicted through algorithmic modelling. If you are managing the operational efficiency of land-based assets, keeping a close eye on rising infrastructure maintenance costs from ground-based resources and considering whole-life environmental impact then this level of satellite-derived intelligence can assist in every operational, management and sustainability decision.

Image: Copernicus Sentinel data (2015)/ESA

Detecting Landscape Changes That Affect Your Assets

We provide industry-leading intelligence products to asset managers, project managers, strategic and operational directors and anyone else involved in managing land-based infrastructure assets to help inform decisions and empower them to:

  • Map, monitor and predict asset risk hotspots
  • Ensure your infrastructure assets are managed with detailed insight on the historic, current and future surrounding landscape situation
  • Prepare assets for long-term resilience to changing natural and social environmental factors
  • Monitor and predict environmental hazards to drive mitigating actions
  • Use insights to help meet environmental and sustainability standards
  • Aggregate data from multiple sources for a single full picture including satellite-derived Earth Observation data, BIM data, GIS ground-sensor data, UAV data, pipeline network information, leakage event data, customer usage data and more

Decision-support and risk-management tools include:

  • Subsidence detection and event prediction
  • Asset failure risk prediction
  • Urban creep – historic and predictive mapping
  • Pervious to impervious land use change
  • Urban tree canopy cover
  • Environmental/vegetation/landscape impact over time

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