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Dam Monitoring tracks unusual changes in movement, seepage, vegetation and downstream hazards, providing a detailed view of failure modes and their consequences. Watch our video to discover how Dam Monitoring can super charge your own survey and instrumentation info with our powerful geospatial data, and access visualised trends and insights that you’ve never had before.

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Spokane: Building regulatory and investment confidence

Situated in eastern Washington state, the Upriver Hydroelectric Dam on the Spokane River is owned and operated by the City of Spokane’s Water Department. Leading the City’s dam safety and maintenance program is Seth McIntosh, Water System and Hydroelectric Plant Manager, and Jeanne Finger, Chief Dam Safety Engineer.

“Our challenge is to demonstrate to the regulator that we are ahead of any issues that may lead to potential failure, while providing a return on investment to the City and building confidence that there is value in owning this asset. Using Rezatec’s data we can show we have a very solid structure and it’s not moving, so we can focus on the items that need to be updated and spread our lack of maintenance out over several years instead of just piling them up and asking for $15 million in the next three years to fix it.”

Seth McIntosh, Water System and Hydroelectric Plant Manager, City of Spokane Water Department

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We help regulators and business leaders to manage their ground-based assets and critical infrastructure remotely, at scale. We enable you to prioritize the right investments, multiply your asset value, optimize resources and super-charge productivity while enhancing public safety.

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