FREE GUIDE: How to use satellite data to better manage water networks.

Geospatial AI can improve water network management through resource & capex optimisation

  • Identify problem areas with the highest likelihood of failure
  • Optimise the deployment of leak detection & maintenance teams
  • Access sophisticated risk models that consider pipeline & environmental characteristics
  • Identify the 30% of your network where you can expect 70% of leaks to occur

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Find out how we can reduce water lost in your network

Leaking pipes are both a financial and environmental concern for water network operators worldwide. In this article, we describe how Geospatial AI can assist in both reducing the cost and time to find leaks by prioritising where to inspect the network based on its likelihood of failure, optimizing both ground resource and capital expenditure, such as acoustic logger procurement and pipeline replacement.

Find high risk areas in your network

Resource & sensor placement optimisation

Prioritise planned maintenance activity

“This guide reveals how we are able to drastically improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of water network management though intelligent, satellite-driven decision support.”

Philip Briscoe, COO, Rezatec

“…Rezatec have helped aid our efforts in non-revenue water management by adding another tool to our tool bag. The Rezatec satellite asset management survey has helped verify and improve our current leak detection processes”

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