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Geospatial Analytics Services to Support Forest Management

Our satellite data analytics service provides specific forestry decision-support and alleviates the multiple challenges of those responsible for management of the world’s forests. Using medium and high-resolution optical and radar satellite data, we can analyze your forests and provide valuable insight to enable fully-informed decisions to be made by owners and managers of forested land assets.

Either through our custom-built online portal or integrated into existing GIS systems, our geospatial data analytics services support core forestry management activities that can be used independently, or in combination, for fast and justifiable decision-making.

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Forest Species Mapping

Identify individual species distribution across your area of interest.

Forest Mensuration

Geospatial analytics for measuring tree height, volume & count.

Biomass & Carbon Stock

Comprehensive, up-to-date information on a forest’s biomass and carbon stock.

Habitat & Connectivity

Identify and classify land cover, core habitats and species movement.

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