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Geospatial AI for Electric Utilities

Transform the way you manage infrastructure integrity and safety to protect supply. Use geospatial AI to remotely monitor physical and environmental risks to the network – at scale.

Power SAT

Remote, scalable, cost-effective

Power SAT geospatial AI solution enables utilities leaders to prioritize, plan and optimize investment in critical infrastructure. It tells you when and where to direct your ground-based resources. And it helps you to de-risk the network.

Power SAT: new ways to manage critical infrastructure

Challenges in the electric utilities industry

Power outages in lower income countries are a significant issue with a high economic and safety cost. Losses are three times worse than in high-income economies. Disruption still happens at great cost in high-income economies too, with regulators capable of handing out large penalties.

Every year, tens of millions of dollars of ‘non-distributed electricity’ are lost by transmission system operators and distribution system operators as a result of structural defects on the transmission network. This number can increase into hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of natural disasters causing heavy damage to the infrastructure. In addition to losing revenue, transmission and distribution system operators have to pay penalties to the electricity producers and to their major customers. Those penalties can amount to several hundreds of thousands of dollars per day and per customer.

As power transmission infrastructure ages, the world’s operators face the challenge of identifying at-risk structures and equipment – and remediating before risks increase. At the same time, issues such as vegetation growth, tree fall, fire damage, unauthorised building and ground movement threaten network integrity.

The time is right for leaders to consider using satellite data to change the way they manage critical infrastructure and the landscape surrounding it.

Traditionally, electric utilities have used ground-based surveying and assessment technologies to assess potential risk. Getting resources to the right place at the right time is a real challenge. Many leaders are beginning to realise that having a level of certainty on where to deploy investment and effort is the key to driving cost, operational and service uptime benefits.

Power SAT, our geospatial AI solution for electric utilities, enables leaders to dynamically manage the safety and integrity of their entire network infrastructure and right of way landscape – remotely, at scale and cost-effectively.

Power SAT’s newly available flagship product, Vegetation Inventory, remotely provides a whole view of your network across vast linear areas. It alerts you to unusual changes and damage risks in right of way landscape from vegetation growth, storms, weather and fire. Electricity leaders are using its geospatial analytics to efficiently direct ground resources for the greatest impact.

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Leading utility, North America

There are a number of strengths: the platform itself and its ease of use, the algorithm they have, their people, the ability to deliver what’s required and price… They’ve taken us from zero to hero for getting stuff done and being cost effective.

Arcadis & Bluefield Research
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