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Geospatial Analytics Service for Forest Management

Forests and woodlands are valuable assets, from an environmental, economic and social perspective. Whether your organisation is concerned with timber, access to mills, recreation or conservation, achieving long term sustainability with an optimal return requires extensive and timely knowledge on a forest’s characteristics.
Historically, it has been either impossible or extremely expensive to monitor a large forest in its entirety. Rezatec addresses this problem with powerful decision support services designed specifically for the forestry sector, that utilise sophisticated satellite and other remotely sensed data to regularly monitor your entire forest.
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Benefits include:

  • Greater visibility across your entire forests
  • Deploy ground teams more efficiently
  • Identify problems quickly
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce risk of planning & strategic decisions
  • Produce reliable, timely reports

Features include:

  • Comprehensive set of management tools and services
  • Access via online portal or integrate with existing GIS systems
  • Consolidate ground, drone, lidar and satellite data
  • Automated alerts, and notifications
  • Built in performance analytics
  • Multi language capability

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